Designed to aim high


Centrifugal pump with single or double suction.
High pumping versatility for maximum efficiency at the required work point, maximum adaptability to different working conditions.


Grease lubricated transmission with watertight bottom support.
Extreme resistance to stress, maximum reliability even in dry operation, simple and easy maintenance.


Sturdy trellis steel frame.
Parts specifically made and checked for every single project.

Centrifugal pump with frame

12 Abn60 Sheda Ombra

Our stationary pump is a tailor-made machine designed to meet your needs, as the hydrogeological features in which the pump will work are unique.

By examining the specific case through a feasibility study and applying the technical solutions we have strengthen over years of experience, we are able to offer the best project.

Drive Tractor / Motor clutch set / Electric motor
Installation Stationery
Pump type Centrifugal
Transmission Grease lubricated / Oil bath with widia-widia mechanical seal
Scheda Abn

ABN35 Pump


Length 5 meters, flow 300 l/s, head 7,5 meters, oil bath transmission, reinforced pump body with open impeller, electric motor driven.

ABN40 Pump


Length 10 meters, flow 400 l/s, head 8,2 meters, oil bath transmission, high efficiency pump body, motor clutch driven.

ABN45 Pump


Length 19 meters, flow 400 l/s, head 9 meters, oil bath transmission, high efficiency pump body, electric motor driven.

ABN60 Pump


Length 9 meters, flow 775 l/s, head 8,4 meters, grease lubricated transmission, body pump with double suction, tractor driven.